#OctTBR2022 Day 20: Two “Hopeful” Books about Race.

[What is #OctTBR2022? I explain it here.]

What They Are: Two books on the issue of race relations and the Gospel by Shai Linne and Isaac Adams.

Why I’m Reading Them: I received both of these books at T4G this year. I’ve heard very mixed feedback on the arguments involved, and some strong warnings about the trajectory of these authors from wise brothers. I’m curious to dig in and critically assess what the authors are saying.

The whole discussion of critical race theory (CRT) and racial divides within the church is fraught with emotion and misunderstanding. I’m trying to be more aware of the arguments being made in this discussion so I can bring the Bible to bear on these issues as faithfully as possible. I’m “hopeful” that these gentlemen are seeking to do the same, and I look forward to engaging with and carefully evaluating their ideas.

Nevertheless, as with all books I’ll read next year, the arguments an author makes will stand or fall depending on whether or not they are grounded in the truths of the Bible. Any doctrine, ideology, or worldview (no matter which side of the “aisle” it comes from) that doesn’t line up with the Word of God is ultimately doomed to failure.

Have you read either of these books? Are there other books you’d recommend that seek to address issues like “social justice” and CRT from an evangelical/conservative perspective? Let me know in the comments!

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