#OctTBR2022 Day 0: What Is It?

Hey friends!

Just a quick explanatory note for my posts in the month of October 2022: starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting every day about books that are currently sitting on my physical to-be-read shelf in my office. While the total number of unread physical books in my stacks is well over 150-200, I’m zeroing on about 35-40 that I’m really looking to read over the next year-plus.

The books I’ll feature here will come back around later at some point, as I read, digest, review, critique, and/or promote them on the blog. So think of these posts this month as sneak previews of upcoming attractions.

I’d love to get your feedback throughout the month. If you have read any of these books, please comment with your review (spoiler-free, in the case of the novels I list, please!) and other insights or feedback you got from them. If the review sounds interesting and you are considering checking the book out after reading the post, I’d love to receive that feedback as well.

And if you are so inclined, I’d also invite you to use the hashtag #OctTBR2022 on your own website or social media and share what you’ll be reading for the rest of this year and during 2023.

Let me know if you have any other ideas of how to make this series more fun. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!


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