Tuesday Termination of a Twelve-day Absence.

Many apologies for being off the grid for almost two weeks.


so sorry

Anywho. (Heh.)

The fact is, the missus and I have been moving into a new apartment, plus hosting some visitors for a few days, and I was out of the office for most of last week, and our new internet provider is incompetent, etc. etc. and such as.

So. Rather than actual content, I present to you some less-than-timely video entertainment:

First, from my blog-partner Webster Hunt.


And then from a menace who should be stopped.


Enjoy and I’ll be back soonish. Thanks for stopping by.


One thought on “Tuesday Termination of a Twelve-day Absence.

  1. I’ve never been included in a post with the Doctor AND Frank Turk.

    I’ll quit blogging now while I’m ahead.

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