Name them one by one.

First off, I want to explain something. The three of you who viewed Saturday’s post may have noticed that it said “Weekend Edition #1″…but there was no #2. (Heh. Sorry.) I was planning on doing a fun post to follow-up the serious one, after I got home from church and lunch yesterday afternoon. That post was never written because my plans for a productive Sunday evening fell through.

I’m sick. Nothing major. Just one of those bugs that goes around and produces uncomfortable and impolite-to-discuss symptoms. I should be back on my feet tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.  Today, I’m working from home (three cheers for the IT department figuring out how to fix my remote-access issues!) and trying to keep still.

This kind of minor illness is usually just a nuisance. I can rest, do a little online work, take some OTC meds and water, and recover fairly easily. But once in a while, getting sick should make me stop and take stock of how blessed I am, too.  For example:

  • I have a job that a) I can do over a computer; and b) I won’t lose by not physically showing up today.
  • Hey! I have a computer! And an apartment! And internet access!
  • I have access to (what I consider) basic medicines and clean water.
  • I’m in no danger of life-threatening illness, violence due to civil unrest, or malnutrition.
  • I have food in the pantry and refrigerator (not to mention having *a* pantry and refrigerator) for when I’m feeling better and can, um, process it properly.
  • I have a compassionate fiancee who is bringing me soup later. I love her deeply. I love her soup almost as much. It’s so good, y’all.

The point is, I need to be grateful and not grumble about feeling a little less than okay. God’s been too gracious to me for me to dwell on that. And when I get back to feeling 100%, I need to be thankful for that as well. [I’m suddenly struck with the feeling that I’ve written something very similar to this post before. Weird. Maybe it’s just because I still need to learn this lesson.]

So there’s your challenge on this second Monday morning in February. Do what that old hymn says to do: Count your blessings. Name them one by one. Even if it’s not #ThankfulThursday, you can still take a minute to be grateful for God’s provision.

Your Turn:  What do you have to be thankful for today? Share it in the comments below.  

Coming Friday: Either a post about Don Miller and the importance of church community; or just some book reviews, if I don’t feel like ticking people off with that first post.


3 thoughts on “Name them one by one.

  1. I, too, will only name 6, because you named 6, and it’s your blog, and I’m sure not going to try to show you up on your blog. You are the king of this castle, and you have set the bar at 6.

    1) I have a house (okay, rented condo) that is full of people, full of laughter, full of singing, and full of love.
    2) Pitcher and catchers report this weekend.
    3) Nine years into “real life” and I can still hashtag Instagram photos with #iworkintheater (even though I’d prefer to use the ‘re’ spelling, my friends co-opted the tag and I was outvoted)
    4) NO ICE STORMS IN THIS CITY! Well, except for the one we got a little less than a month ago. ALMOST NO ICE STORMS IN THIS CITY!
    5) My children are surrounded by more diversity and opportunity than I ever knew whilst growing up.
    6) Psalm 37:25

  2. By the by, I hope you DO go ahead with the Don Miller post, because I would love to hear your thoughts on the “I don’t go to church” controversy.

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