“Shut them all down, hurry!”

If you read that title in the voice of a fussy, golden-hued droid, then congrats: you’re a nerd.

Hey there, friends.  Sorry it’s been a while. Seems I’m getting married in 11 days, so there’s lots to do. 

That’s why i’m writing: to officially freeze this here blog in carbonite for a while. The priorities of life turn out to be quite a bit more demanding than I expected. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me, but, well, there it is.

Here’s the real reason I’m writing at the moment: I have no intention of blogging anything until at least July 1. By telling you now, I am releasing myself from having to feel guilty about it.

SO. Don’t bother checking for updates between now and then. Just write yourself a little reminder on your calendar, scribbled somewhere between “pick up hot dogs” and “swing by the fireworks stand” to come back and check in on your pal Dave. Who knows, I may actually have something to say.  And my blogging padawan Web will (hopefully) be back in the saddle as well, playing Riker to my Picard, Sancho Panza to my Quixote, Chewy to my Han. (Of course, I cast myself as Han in this analogy. Though, truth be told, Web’s more like R2 to my Threepio.)

Feel free to comment with your angry missives about my inconsistent blogging or, if you are so inclined, any good wishes about my upcoming nuptials. 

Y’all be good. See you down the road. 

(And, since this post seems to be replete with Star Wars references, “May the Force be with you, always.”)