#Septemblog Day 21: Mental Deadlifts.

It’s been more than 5 years since I’ve taken a seminary class. I never stopped reading theological books, but my reading has been decidedly lighter than what was required of me in those masters-level classes.

Last night, I started reading B. B. Warfield’s monumental volume The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible, complete with a 68-page (!!!) introduction by Cornelius Van Til.

I was not ready for this.

I made it about 30 pages into Van Til’s introduction (in just over an hour), and my brain was exhausted, folks. I was encountering sentences like, “Post-Kantian rationality is, broadly speaking, correlative to non-rational factuality.” There were discussions of non-rational appeals to authority and considerations of a “kernel of thingness in every concrete fact that utterly escapes all possibility of expression.”

I essentially walked into the theological philosophy (or philosophical theology) gym and loaded up the bar for a PR on Day 1 with no warm-up. It took me a while just to get through the first few pages. After about an hour, I finally felt like I was able to pick up what Van Til was putting down (either that, or he got past the rhetorical throat-clearing and started saying something easier to grasp).

I’m excited to keep digging in, because it’s time I started challenging myself mentally again. The times we live in demand clear eyes and sharp minds, and it does no good for me, my family, or my church if I’m a mentally-flabby pastor. (Or a physically-flabby one, for that matter, but we’ll talk about that later.) Thus, it behooves me to start doing some heavy lifting in my study.


Finals week.

Techinically “final” (singular–one class) week. But “final week” sounded too foreboding.

No post today. Taking my final tonight, so I’m about to grab dinner and engage in 2 hours of “intensive, high-energy review” (also known as cramming). A thousand years of European ecclesiastical-political history? Sure, no prob, easy peasy.  *gulp*

On the upside–end of semester, and as long as I don’t bomb the final, I’m looking at high-B, low-A for “Church History I.”  I’ll take that, yes sir.

So. I’ll see y’all next week. Probably Tuesday.  I know I haven’t gotten the hang of this regular-posting thing. But I’m not giving up on it.  

Viva la weekend, y’all.