Booktober 1st: “Love is a Mixtape” by Rob Sheffield

[This is Day 1 of #Booktober! Stay tuned for more recommendations!]

What It is: An autobiographical account of Sheffield’s relationship with his late wife, framed through essays based on the tracks on a mixtape.

Why You Should Read It: Rob Sheffield is a music writer for Rolling Stone with a vast knowledge of pop music history and an engaging, conversational writing style. His other books are equally excellent, but this was my introduction to his work. This book, a tribute to his first wife who died unexpectedly of a brain hemorrhage, is deeply moving and unexpectedly funny. I bought it in an airport for some light reading and was wiping away tears by the time the drink service started. It snuck up on me how heartfelt and resonant this book would be. Definitely worth it (and check out his other stuff too!)