It’s 2015. Bring on the hoverboards and the Cubs’ World Series title!

Today is New Year’s Day, and if you’re like me (and everyone else in the world), you probably have some things you want to do differently in 2015. 

I’ve really been motivated lately to make small changes in my life, to “upgrade” myself (in a non-Cyberman kind of way), and I’ve been listening to and reading a lot of smart people to get ideas for that.

Even if you’ve already blown your resolution, 15 hours in, you can start over. You can set new goals to make sustainable changes this year, so that when you get to New Years Eve and everyone’s wearing those ridiculous giant-year-number sunglasses (the kind that would make Elton John go, “Mm-mm, sweetie, just stop.”), you will be able to look back at the last 12 months and see the difference these changes made.

Or maybe you’re like me, and you really want to attack this year and take charge in different areas of your life. Like Jim, who I found out about through a mutual friend. Jim lost over 220 pounds (and is still going) in one calendar year.  One. Calendar. Year. That’s focus, passion, and determination right there, folks. Jim is a rockstar. I wanna be like Jim.

Whether you have small goals or big goals, the key is to make them meaningful so that you’ll follow through. For help with this, you need to check out these links:

As far as how to follow-through, well, I don’t have a magic bullet for that. I wish I did, because that’s the area I struggle with, too. But I’m going to do the next best thing: I’ll be posting my goals for 2015 on Monday. That’s right, I’m going public. And hopefully, over the next 12 months, I’ll keep you posted on my successes. If not, you can keep me accountable in the comments.

New year, gang. Fresh start. Let’s do this.


Your Turn: Okay, time to spill–What are some of your goals/resolutions for 2015?