#OctTBR2022 Day 15: “The Baseball Codes” by Jason Turbow

[What is #OctTBR2022? I explain it here.]

What It Is: A (literally) “inside-baseball” account of the daily life of ball players.

Why I’m Reading It: A friend gave this to me years ago (for my birthday, actually) and I never got around to reading it, even though it’s the type of book I typically really enjoy. Shame on me. So it’s high-time I dig into it. I don’t watch much baseball anymore, but I will always love the game that (except for a couple weeks back in late 2016) always breaks my heart. Throughout my life, I’ve read several books about the game and its players (going all the way back to 1988’s Out of the Blue by Orel Hershiser and Jerry B. Jenkins), and I’ve always loved the genre. I suspect this will be no exception.

Do you like sports-related books? What are some of your favorites? Hit me up in the comments.