5/24/19 — Still Alive.

This week has been challenging. I am doing my best to take care of my various obligations. Blog writing got bumped again. Look for some content next week.

In the meantime, if you’re the praying sort, pray that our air conditioning gets fixed (temps in the 90s around here this week). Thanks.


“Escalator Temporarily Stairs.”

My wife is back, and I’m thrilled that she’s home.

But I’m now in the final week of classwork before the end of the semester, and I’ve got 4 different deadlines looming on Friday.┬áPlus, I think I may be coming down with something. No bueno.

So I’m going to beg your indulgence one more time. As much as I want to pour some more energy into this blog again, I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

So I’ll see y’all in (hopefully) a week. Expect the next post on Monday, May 4th.

If you’d prefer, feel free to subscribe to the blog (with the buttons below), and you’ll be notified the next time I post.

Thanks, friends! See you soon!

Brass tacks and bare bones.

Gonna get real with you for a second, gang: I’m swamped. I’m exhausted. I’m about two weeks behind on homework, and I’m physically spent, and my workload is crushing me right now.

So, here’s the real deal. New posts will resume next Monday. We will take up a M-W-F posting schedule, and in the next few weeks, we’ll even feature guest posts from Twitter-friend of mine named Webster Hunt. He’s a sharp dude, so his posts will be worth the wait.

Anyway. That’s the status update. I’m sorry for the delays. Goodness knows I’ve wanted to get back into the swing of regular posting, but the current circumstances of life are not being very amenable to the prospect, and I haven’t got enough hustle in me to make it happen when these other, more vital areas are struggling.

Love y’all. I appreciate every single one of you, whomever you are. Please don’t give up on me.

In fact, if you will humor me, pop into the comments below and let me know who you are, so’s I know to whom I owe my gratitude for sticking around.