#OctTBR2022 Day 30: “Expository Apologetics” by Voddie Baucham, Jr.

[What is #OctTBR2022? I explain it here.]

What It Is: A book about apologetics and evangelism from the man with the best beard in Reformed evangelicalism.

Why I’m Reading It: An area I always need to grow in and stretch is evangelism. And Voddie Baucham is a beast. I’m excited to be challenged by this one. (I think this book would be considered “presuppositional apologetics,” but I’m still not 100% sure what this means, so I don’t know if I’m fer’it or agin’it. But I’m absolutely for using the Bible as much as possible, so there’s that.

Have you read this book? Do you have a favorite book about apologetics and evangelism? Let me know in the comments!


#OctTBR2022 Day 12: “Engaging with Muslims” by John Klaassen

[What is #OctTBR2022? I explain it here.]

What It is: A book that (hopefully) provides a good introduction to the basic tenets of Islam, in order to be able to communicate the Gospel in an understandable way.

Why I’m Reading It: The suburb where I live has a large Muslim population, as does the neighborhood surrounding our church. Our church is also directly involved with a ministry that serves the refugee community in our city, including many refugees from Muslim-majority countries. It would be a benefit to have some basic knowledge of an Islamic worldview as I seek to grow in my evangelism and missions-focused ministry.

Have you read this one? If not, is there another book on this topic you can recommend? Comment below!

Friday Feed (9/27/2019)

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In case you’re confused by Wednesday’s post, YES, I’m still going to post a #FridayFeed from time to time! Just because I don’t want to be just a curator doesn’t mean I’m not gonna share some cool links with you people!

Submitted for your perusal: 10 posts worth checking out this weekend.

Hope you find something useful here. If you do, maybe pop into the comments below and let me know? That would help a lot. Thanks.