#Septemblog Day 24: Not enough hours.

I’m frustrated as I type this and the hour turns over to midnight. I’ve worked hard to get things done this week but it seems like there’s just not enough time.

If I am to maintain a restful Lord’s Day without work demands creeping in, tomorrow will need to be one of those home-run days where I have the strength and capacity to get all the things done that were not finished this week. A handful of focused hours of work logged. A raised-bed garden constructed. A Sunday School lesson completed and outlined. Focused and present time with my wife and daughters. Maybe banging out a blog post or two in the spaces between.

I would need about 12 extra hours to check those items off my list, and the strength of multiple Daves to match the extra time. I have neither.

I am finite, friends. And it stinks. It really, really does. Because something is getting bumped when the time and energy runs out. Too often over the last year, it has been my family. It won’t be my family this weekend.

My eyes are tired. I’m squinting at the blurry screen in front of me. I’m tapping out tonight.

May your Saturday be filled with energy and few necessary tasks, dear readers. May God bless your with an undemanding day, or else grace you with the strength of body and will to best a demanding one.