#Septemblog Day 25: Fruit of My Labor.

It’s nice to work hard and then look back and see some good coming out of it.

An example from yesterday:



The new garden is still not quite done: more cement blocks needed, more rebar reinforcements, and a good deal of top-soil is lacking before we can start planting (what you see there is a combination of grass clippings, disassembled tree, peat moss, and compost). But after several hours of hot, hot labor, I can look out my window and say, hey! I did that. Praise God.

Another example:

Looking back at my blog stats over the last month, if you discount the hits on my home page, the 5 highest-traffic posts on this site are two sermon manuscripts, the notes from two Sunday School lessons, and a Monk Manual review (still somehow one of my top-three posts of all time).

If you expand that out to the past 3 months or all of 2022 so far, it’s largely the same five posts.

What that tells me is that no matter how many book reviews I write, how many pop-culture posts I produce, the content that seems to be doing the most good for y’all is my Bible teaching.

That’s encouraging.

That’s also why it’s going to continue being a focus of this blog in the coming years.

Those posts are the seeds that grow best, it seems. I think that’s pretty awesome. Praise God.