#Blogtober2021 Day 13: Fall is (almost) in the air.

It’s almost Fall, y’all.

While some of you in the US may be raising a puzzled eyebrow at this, what with your mild temperatures and low humidity, where I live near the Gulf Coast, it’s still hot as blazes. Today’s hitting 90. In mid-October. 90 degrees, people.


Saturday is bringing the first blessed wave of cooler air that will actually make a difference in the forecast, as we say goodbye to temps in the 90s and hello to…well, I mean, not *sweater* weather for another month or so, but at least it won’t be humid and gross if you walk outside for more than a minute. On Saturday, I plan to spend most of the day outside, playing with the kids and grilling a ton of meat for a birthday get-together with family.

So, in celebration of the changing of the seasons (finally–FINALLY!), I’d like to share this bit of greatness from The Holderness Family.

On their behalf, the 4thDaveBlog proudly presents: “Every Fall Hallmark Movie.”

(If you haven’t watched their other stuff, this is actually part of a series [alluded to in the video]. The first Christmas one is still my favorite.)