#OctTBR2022 Day 16: Some Christmas Themed Reading.

[What is #OctTBR2022? I explain it here.]

What They Are: A collection of Charles Dickens’ Christmas novellas, including his masterpiece A Christmas Carol; a small collection of Christmas-themed sermons from The Spurge; and a behind-the-scenes guide of the Frank Capra film classic, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Why I’m Reading Them: The Dickens stories are for fun, basically. The Spurgeon sermons will be encouraging, as well as providing some quotes for some sermons in November/December that I’m delivering at my home church. And not only is It’s a Wonderful Life my favorite Christmas movie, but it’s also the topic of a series of long-form blog articles I’ve been kicking around in my head for a year or so. Will those come to fruition in blog or book form? We shall see…

Do you have a favorite Christmas-themed book? Have you actually read A Christmas Carol? Let me know in the comments!

Booktober 13th: “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Stories - Alma Books

[This is Day 13 of #Booktober! Stay tuned for more recommendations!]

What It Is: The beloved classic story of a miserly old man who is shown how his life of selfishness and greed has harmed the people around him and prevented him from knowing the love and friendship of others.

Why You Should Read It: I realize this is probably the hardest sale for me to make, because I suspect most of my readers are already very familiar with Dickens’ most famous work. I’m further challenged in convincing you to read it because it’s mid-October, and Christmas is more than 2 months away. That said, recommending a “ghost story” during the spooky season makes sense to me. Furthermore, even if you’ve watched countless film and stage adaptations of this story, it would serve you well to read Dickens’ original, which contains a great deal of social commentary and religious flavor that is often removed almost entirely from the modern adaptations. This December, take a few hours and revisit the classic. You won’t be disappointed.