#ThirtyThankfuls Day 26: Open windows.

It’s rained here pretty heavily over the last few days, but this afternoon the rain has cleared and the skies are blue. The temperature outside has climbed up into the 60’s, so every window in the house is open to let in the cool afternoon breeze. (Now there’s 3 words you don’t often put together around these parts.)

Elsewhere in the country, I know folks are dealing with much colder temps and inclement weather, and God bless ’em. Truth be told, if given a choice, I’d usually prefer colder temperatures–I’m a winter-loving person by nature. But here and now, I’m grateful to be soaking up such pleasantness. The sound of the breeze blowing through the leaves of my neighbor’s trees, like the steady swish of waves along the beach, is a pretty sweet soundtrack for sermon-writing.

Thank you, Lord, for pleasant days and mild temperatures. We don’t get many days like this. They are precious when they arrive.


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