#ThirtyThankfuls Day 23: A Working Vehicle.

The van wouldn’t start last night (Tuesday). I had noticed that it was hesitating a bit when I started it a few times Monday, but it just completely stopped working when I was about to head to the grocery store after the kids’ bedtime.

That could have been bad. It could have been when my wife was out with our kids, in inclement weather, in treacherous traffic or a less-safe environment. We were spared that. Everyone was home and secure, the van safely parked in the garage, when the battery gave out. Grace.

A friend came over to try to jumpstart it, and then he helped push it into a better position for the tow truck driver. When I finally got to the mechanic, they were able somehow to fit me in before the holiday and replace my battery. I drove the van home this evening, relieved that we have a vehicle available again in case of emergencies during the long weekend. (We’re a 1-vehicle family in a car-focused city.)

You can sometimes take for granted that when you get in the driver’s seat and turn the key, that all will function properly. When it doesn’t, you realize it’s a convenience and a blessing that you should appreciate more.

On top of all that, this past weekend, we received an unexpected monetary gift that more than covered our auto mechanic bill. God’s providence once again provides what we need before we even know to ask.

So tonight, I thank God for His gracious provision, and for a van that starts.

Sleep well, friends.

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