#ThirtyThankfuls Day 14: Christmas lights.

Photo by Dzenina Lukac on Pexels.com

Driving home last night, my daughters went absolutely bonkers when they say multiple houses with Christmas lights.

I know celebrating and decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving has arrived is sacrilegious to some, and I care not a whit. Even if I were the grinchiest Grinch to ever begrudge an early Christmas season, my too-small heart would have swelled to bursting last night at the chorus of overjoyed voices in the back of my minivan.

There is a special kind of magic with houses decorated for Christmas–a feeling that the Christmas season, which had seemed so far away during August’s brutal heat and October’s frustratingly mild weather down here on the Gulf coast, may actually arrive at long last. Even as the upcoming forecast for Thanksgiving week seems to mock us with its mid-60’s and rain, we will still be sweater-bedecked, singing carols, hanging lights, and putting up decorations. The excitement of Christmas, which I had admittedly begun losing in my 20’s and even early 30’s, is now returning in my early 40’s, thanks to the ministrations of my curly-headed children and their unbridled exuberance.

Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer. The first signs of the miracle have appeared, in the form of a few strands of multicolored lights.

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