#Septemblog Day 26: Currently reading…

I may have a problem, gang.

We’ll be talking soon about my To-Be-Read shelf and my reading goals for next year. But I also have some in-progress books that I probably should try to finish first. I have been making slow progress, here and there, but the thing is, I tend to get excited about new books and start them right away, rather than waiting until I finish what I’m working on.

So when that happens, I end up with a “currently-reading” stack that looks like this:

For some of them, I’m farther along than others, but for all of them, I’m at least 30 pages in, and, well…

Okay, yeah, I may have a problem.

(Unrelated: I just grabbed an ebook from the library called Crying in H Mart that looks really interesting, and the first chapter is just gorgeous prose… Don’t judge me.)

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