#Septemblog Day 16: A Refreshing Approach.

I have to admit: I have enjoyed observing almost in real-time the red-pilling of Russell Brand (an actor most widely known for pretty raunchy Hollywood comedies). Unlike many of his counterparts in entertainment, over the last 2+ years, Brand has been asking questions, questioning narratives, and digging up more information about the goings-on of the world.

[Full disclaimer: Brand can be very profane, crude, and inappropriate in his comedy and content. So his material isn’t for everyone, and I don’t recommend it generally. Use your judgment, follow your Spirit-informed conscience, and do not take this as an endorsement.]

You may have seen the recent story passed around social media about the NIH “quietly adding” ivermectin to its treatment list for the #ForeverPlague. (Fact check: False–read the actual page.) I tried to address it when I saw it crop up in my social feeds, but the signal boost among my various tribal associations on the bird site was immediate, so my protestations were drowned out.

Turns out, Brand himself stepped into it as well on this account. But unlike his counterparts in the mainstream press, Russell Brand is able to acknowledge a mistake in reporting, and he clearly corrected himself publicly in the video below (which I just watched and should be free of any concerning language, unless I missed one).

As I’ve written about before and tweeted about exhaustively since then, we need to be better about how we share information as a whole, gang: when it comes to stories online, we need to make double-sure that we check sources, verify details, and fairly portray circumstances–and if we claim to follow the One Who Is Truth, let’s be triple-and-quadruple sure that we are truth-tellers ourselves, in person and online.

So, good on ya, Russell Brand. This is a refreshing approach to media reporting.

Nicely done.

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