#Septemblog Day 14: Upbeat Update.

The Lord is good, y’all. My God is gracious and kind to me.

  • Clean bill of health from the dermatologist. See you in a year, doc!
  • We had gotten a notice that our car insurance was going up $60 dollars next month, so I called to ask if there were any other discounts or changes that could be made to mitigate that. The woman on the phone said many states were having big jumps in premiums due to increases in medical liability coverage. But when she looked at my file, she noted that we had been with the company for 10 years and had never had a “credit check review.” Ten minutes later, not only is our monthly premium not going up $60, but after one month of about $10 more than what we were paying, it’s actually going down $20 a month!
  • I received some mercy related to work projects that I was not expecting and, frankly, am still not sure how to believe or trust. But it has taken off some ongoing anxiety that has been hanging over me for the last…year?
  • My wife and I had resigned ourselves to the loss of about $500 worth of her time and effort due to circumstances we couldn’t control. Despite the window for completing the transaction having passed, we got word that everything was fine and she would still be paid for her efforts.

The biggest worries in my life right now are health and finances. (No, duh, Dave, you’re an overweight married man in his 40’s with 3 kids.) We have been and are continuing to pray and trust God for provision and protection. Yesterday was a reminder that we aren’t abandoned.

If you don’t believe in God, maybe you write off all these things as coincidences, lucky breaks, happenstance. That’s fine; I don’t envy the chaotic and capricious world you live in.

But I believe this is my Father’s world, and every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of the heavenly lights. He’s a good Father who will not give his children a stone when they ask for bread, or a serpent when they ask for fish.

Today was a reminder: even in a wilderness season, my faithful God provides manna. Praise His name, all you saints!

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