#Septemblog Day 8: One More Book.

I’ve been wanting to read Erik Larson’s mega-hit Devil in the White City for a while now. I’ve checked it out digitally from my local library 2-3 times. It’s in high demand, so I usually have to wait a while before it’s my turn. Invariably, when it comes around to me again, I’m swamped with other responsibilities and can’t find time to read it before it’s due back again. (eBook borrowing: big-plus for convenience and access, big-minus for those of us who push the 2-week check-out time limit.)

I took a look online at used booksellers and found out that I can just grab a copy of the book for $4.00 with tax and free shipping. It’s super easy. Just buy the book, Dave.

And yet…I hesitated. Why? Do I not really want to read it? What’s going on with me?

I’m looking over at my physical TBR shelf, containing well over 150 partially-read or mostly unread books, and I’m reminded of a Japanese word I learned on social media (THANKS for this, everyone): tsundoku. The act of buying and stacking up books faster than you have time or ability to read them all. If there is a term that describes my life as a reader, it’s that.

And for that reason, I closed the browser and didn’t buy the book today.

(Though, let’s be real: I’m totally going to break down and buy it at some point.)


One thought on “#Septemblog Day 8: One More Book.

  1. I’ve borrowed this from my mom several times. I would start to read and then get distracted with other stuff. Reading your post, reminded me to try reading it again. Especially since it is going to be a mini-series show.

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