#Septemblog Day 7: Rumble on.

I’ve written about working on Susan’s farm in the the past, but despite my protestations 3 years ago about wanting to value my own time better, I still consume online digital content as much as ever. I know it’s pretty hollow and meaningless, but sometimes I just like turning my brain off and watching a video game playthrough, listening to some lo-fi, or laughing at funny political commentary.

In recent months, it’s become much clearer that the behemoths of the digital space despise what folks like me have to say (we troublesome Christian types who have conservative politics and generally walk against the progressive cultural winds). As a result, there’s been lots of buzz about finding alternative platforms for social media, video sharing, and information gathering. While so much of that discussion is bluster, I think it’s a proposition worth considering

Granted, it can be the wild west out there, with some rather wacky characters running about, but I find myself wanting more and more to decentralize my infotainment. I’ve started watching certain content creators on Rumble and Bitchute rather than on Youtube, and I’ve considered finding an alternative to Twitter/FB that isn’t just as full of insane people.

Have you explored some of these alternative options for news, entertainment, and communication? Which do you recommend? Which should I avoid? Hit me up in the comments. Looking for good recommendations here.


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