#Septemblog2022 Day 1: Back in the Saddle

I find the best way to get back into blogging after a long hiatus is by choosing not to attempt a magnum opus right out of the gate. Instead, when one needs to knock the rust off, get back to what worked at first.

When I first started blogging back in 2002 (please don’t go back and read my old posts–they’re garbage), I would post 3-5 times a day in little bursts. Microblogging before it was cool. (Was it already cool? Am I fooling myself?)

The times when I’ve enjoyed blogging the most–other than the handful of really good ideas I’ve been able to flesh out over the years–was when I could just jump on, bang out a few hundred words, and be on my way.

In the past when I’ve done this, I’ve emphasized the Need for Building a Daily Habit. (Notice all the capital letters indicating seriousness and importance.) Nuts to all that. What matters is shipping. So I’m gonna ship. And if I can batch these posts out to make life easier, I’m gonna. I’m sure you don’t mind.

So, here we are, gang. Welcome to #Septemblog2022. The return of the mack. See you tomorrow.


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