“Home, where my thought’s escapin’…”

Hello again, reader.

It’s been a busy spring and early summer, so here are a few quick personal highlights since the end of March:

  • Together for the Gospel was a great time. I enjoyed the beautiful weather in Louisville, came home with two dozen books, spent time with some of my closest friends, and got to meet and hang out with a few people I’ve only ever “met” online. I came away from that trip physically tired (so much walking!) but spiritually and mentally refreshed. If you haven’t checked out the sermons from T4G this year, let me recommend a few for you to enjoy: Alistair Begg shared the simple duty of the Christian minister, Shai Linne focused our eyes on the glory of Jesus, John Piper challenged us to live holy lives, and Christian Lwanda called us to base our ministries solely on the Word of God. All of these messages will bless and challenge you.
  • Our family did indeed buy a house. It’s been a challenge in these first few months, trying not to panic over the sheer number of repairs (large and small) that a 50-year-old house needs. And while I’m no handyman by ANY available metric, I’ve been able to do things like replace (and in one case, rebore and install) new doorknobs and deadbolts, replace the inner workings of a toilet tank, and reseal countertops and sinks and things, among other simpler repairs. Big learning curve, but I’m hoping to be up to the task. Good thing the hardware store is within walking distance; I’m already a “frequent flyer.”
  • This week, my wife and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. I can’t begin to explain how blessed I am to have this woman by my side. I am strengthened and inspired by her presence and care for me and our children. I am humbled by her kindness and wisdom. She is a gift of God to me and I would be in a far worse place as a person without her being here.
  • The next 6-7 weeks will be full-up with ministry opportunities, from Sunday School to preaching to serving in Vacation Bible School. I would appreciate your prayers as I prepare and teach. I’ll be preaching at my home church on Father’s Day, and then two times in July at another church where I’ve preached before. I’ll share those sermons in future posts.

I don’t have any fun links to share at the moment, but I’ll resume semi-regular posting tomorrow with a new blog post that may generate a comment or two. Here’s the teaser: I’m gonna go against the grain just a little bit regarding a much-beloved blockbuster movie from last year. Should be fun.

That’s all I have today. See you tomorrow.

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