#Blogtober2021 Day 16: Dave-a-palooza

At the risk of this blog devolving into merely a daily diary, one more personal post.

Today was the third and final day of birthday celebrations. We had my folks, sisters, and brother-in-law over for a cookout and visit. Always a blessing. The food turned out well too.

The birthday “palooza” was born out of my family’s tradition of making birthdays a really big deal, even a multi-day celebration. I didn’t intend for this year to be a “palooza” year, but that’s how it turned out. A day with my wife and daughters, a day with two dear church families, and a day with our local relatives. Unexpected, but I think I needed it. The last few weeks have been tough. This was good.

Now, headed to bed. Tomorrow, we gather to worship Jesus and enjoy our fellowship as a church family. A weekly blessing, too often taken for granted.

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