Booktober 7th: The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson

[This is Day 6 of #Booktober! Stay tuned for more recommendations!]

What It Is: A four-book fantasy series geared toward younger readers (but absolutely delightful for all ages) telling the story of a family living in a formerly-peaceful kingdom that has been overrun by an army of terrifying monsters controlled by a dark and mysterious lord, who are forced by circumstance to take their stand against their terrible foes.

Why You Should Read It: Peterson, who already built a career as a phenomenal singer/songwriter, has crafted an imaginary world so engrossing that it can easily stand shoulder to shoulder with Hogwarts and Narnia. That sounds like hyperbole; it’s not. Peterson’s characters are fleshed out and relatable, the storyline is gripping, and the world-building details are present at every turn to draw the reader into the adventure even further. Like all good fantasy tales, there are mysteries, perils, thrilling escapes, harrowing monsters, plot twists, tear-jerking moments, and so much heart that you can’t help but read with a smile on your face. As I noted, the books are geared toward younger readers (though not childish or dumbed-down in any way), written in short chapters that are perfect for curling up to enjoy with the family right before bedtime. If you want to hear a bit more, my effluvient praise continues here. PLUS: The volume pictured is a re-released version of Book 1. All 4 books have been re-released with new artwork and maps and are just beautiful to look at. Don’t miss out on these!

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