Booktober 3rd: “Re:Raptured – The Complete Epic” by Ted Kluck and Zach Bartels

[This is Day 3 of #Booktober! Stay tuned for more recommendations!]

What It Is: A two-part rapture-novel parody, following an ever-growing cast of characters through thrilling adventures and escapades that feature a celebrity Christian athlete, End-Times prophecy, corporate conspiracies, football heroics, questionable pharmeceuticals, Catan-based homesteading, titanium knees, wharf guys, and much, much more.

Why You Should Read It: The moguls behind Gut Check Press have finally released the much-anticipated second-half of their Re:Raptured epic in this nice paperback omnibus, and it’s an absolute hoot. The first book begins as a straightforward parody of the Left Behind phenomenon, but then expands in Part 2 (Re:Raptured Again) into a friendly takedown of conservative/Reformed evangelical sub-culture as a whole. If you’re a homeschooling family (or homeschooling-adjacent), if you’ve played more than a few games of Settlers with folks from church, if you’ve had a few disagreements with family members over eschatology, or if you’ve transacted regular business in a Lifeway or Mardels, you’ll likely be in on the joke here. Just don’t take yourself too seriously.

Buy the book, baby. Tell ’em The4thDave sent you over.


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