#30ThankYous “Day 29”: H.


I don’t know how to begin, really. You are my heart, my delight, my help, and my crown. You are beautiful, wise, compassionate, gentle, and strong. You pour yourself out for your family, your friends, your church, and even for strangers. No matter how tired you feel, how busy you are, how stressed you can become, you still stop and patiently care for those who need you. Every day, I’m reminded how blessed I am to be yours.

You are my favorite companion, my best friend, my muse, and my lady. I can’t remember how my daily life even functioned before you entered into it. I’ve come to rely on you for so much, and you have graciously worked alongside me and supported me.

You are creative and clever, resourceful and hard-working, wise and winsome. Your warm heart and welcoming demeanor have won the friendship and respect of so many. Though you may not believe it, you are highly-regarded among all who know you. Any one of them can attest that you, dear heart, are noble and praiseworthy.

My life has been transformed over the last 6 years of pursuing you and building a life together. I am a better man because of your influence, and I’m so deeply grateful for that.

And then, blessing upon blessing! Our daughter came along, and in her eyes, I see yours. There is so much of her personality and sweetness that I must attribute to you, beauty. She is an incredible little girl because–specifically because–you are her mother.

My prayer is that God will continue to give us many decades together. No matter where we are, no matter what our circumstances, I want to face it all with you. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone, ever.

All my heart and all my love, for the rest of my life,


US(It’s an older pic of us, but still one of my favorites!)

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