#30ThankYous “Day 28”: E.

My sweet baby girl,

Right now, you are in the other room with Mama, and it sounds like she’s pretending to eat you up, making loud gulping noises as she tickles you. Then, a few moments of silence, broken by your sweet voice. “Ayyooo!” It sounds like “Hiya!” and your mama responds.

There’s no way I can tell you how much joy you bring to your mother and I, every single day of your life. Even on the days when your incoming teeth are hurting and everything feels irreparably tragic, days when you shriek in anger because the cabinet door won’t open or you throw your book down because you can’t quite turn the pages, you are still a joy to my heart and bring a smile to my face.

You have transformed us, little girl. You have given us a newer, deeper understanding of God’s deep affection for His children, and you help us appreciate His mercy all the more. And as I clean up the living room after you have distributedĀ every single toy and book you own across every square foot of it–because for goodness sake, you’re just one toddler but you make messes like an army!–I dare not complain, because it is a privilege to be your dada, no matter the messes you make. I am happy to take care of you, sweet girl.

(Now, your mama is making monster noises, and you’re giggling. Your laughter is my absolute favorite sound. There’s no music, no poem, no sound made by man that hits me quite the way your giggle does. I treasure it.)

Baby girl, I want you to know that I will do my best, with all my heart, to reflect the love of the Father to you, and in the times I fail, I pray you will show me grace. My greatest goal for your life is not riches or success or family or fame, but that you would know and love Jesus. This is my prayer for you, now and always.

You may never read this letter, but my hope is that you will feel every word of it, as I live this out before you every day.

(You’re about to head up with Mama to bed. It’s time for me to give you kisses and say goodnight. This is also an honor, and a blessing, and a joy.)

Thank you for coming into our lives, my dear. We are so thankful to be your parents.

–Dada (signing also on behalf of Mama)




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