#30ThankYous Day 1: Dr. R.C. Sproul

Dr. Sproul,

There are theologians and pastors whose impact is appreciated but vastly underestimated in their own generation. I think that, in succeeding generations of Christians, you (along with your great friend, Dr. MacArthur) will be considered one of these luminaries.

For the record, I am a Baptist from birth (irony intended), so you’ll have to forgive my not having encountered your work until adulthood, but I am only now (after your passing) beginning to understand how much your ministry has affected not only my own Christian life but also other pastors and teachers who have consequently impacted my life. It is only now, by going back through the written and recorded archive of your work that I’m beginning to appreciate the mind and passion God gave to the Protestant church in you.

The thing that most strikes me about your life and public ministry, Dr. Sproul, is how clearly and palpably you regarded the holiness of God. Not long ago, I watched a sermon of yours from years back, in which you exposited Isaiah 6. The best word to describe the experience is “weighty.” You spoke of the glory and holiness of God as one who understood it intimately, and through your passion and gravity, I was confronted by it anew. It actually reminded me of Jonathan Edwards–how his devotion and sincere faith fell like thunder on his hearers, despite his reportedly mild delivery.

This is part of your legacy, Dr. Sproul. In your teaching and preaching, your hearers are reminded that the God who redeems His elect is a holy and transcendent sovereign King, and that His people must never take that lightly.

Even now, you are able to look with unveiled face into the glory you so long proclaimed, without fear or shame. I cannot imagine your joy.

I hope one bright and everlasting day, on the other side of the river, I can meet you and thank you for your faithful work. In the interim, I praise God for your example.

Your brother in Christ,



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