Status: Unclear.

I’m not going to belabor the point, but I feel the need to unload a bit of this internal jumble out onto the internet, if you don’t terribly mind:

I’ve been feeling very scattered over the last couple of weeks. October seemed to be start well. I was hitting my daily Scripture reading goals more often than not, tracking my food well, and then my birthday came around and…well, it all sort of fell apart. I sort of fell apart in a handful of small ways.

I hasten to add: Nothing *happened* to cause this. I just…stopped. Stopped reading the Word regularly, stopped tracking my food, stopped exercising, stopped all of it. And I have to tell you, no big surprise here but I’m feeling very jumbled. Very off-center. Very “washing-machine-banging-around-until-you-even-out-the-load.”

Was it related to the birthday? I don’t think so. I’m not aware of any existential dread that arrived when I turned 36. I just shifted into neutral for some reason, and I’ve been coasting for about 2 weeks.

I share this to explain why I haven’t been posting much, and to give those of you who pray an idea of what you can be praying for, in my case.  I think what I really need is to recalibrate a bit. I need to slow down, get back to my core values, and start again.

I’ll check in later in the week. Have a good evening, all.



One thought on “Status: Unclear.

  1. Love you, brother. Focus on Christ’s perfection and sacrifice for you and see if that motivates you.

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