Thoughts from a blue-green couch.

Hey friends. Just wanted to check in. I know I haven’t been quite as consistent here as recently promised, so I wanted to at least pop by and say hello.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Married life is a blessing. Work has been hectic and stressful, but I’m thankful for work. I’ve been teaching Sunday School for the adults at church for the last few weeks, covering a very basic series on hermeneutics and Biblical genres. I finished up my seminary class and feel pretty good about the outcome. I’ve started reading the Reading Challenge list again. And I’ve had a very minor health issue that required a visit to the surgeon yesterday and four stitches in my chest. 

So today, I’m sitting on a blue-green couch (which we gladly took off our friends’ hands) and spending the day resting. Perfect time to check in with y’all.

Scattered thoughts, in bullet form:

  • I really appreciate the friendships I’ve developed with you folks online. As much as we tease and joke about “fake internet friends,” I very much count folks like my “Twitter squad” as dear friends, my “Incredibros,” and I look forward to meeting each of you someday. Seriously. Thankful for you. 
  • I’m watching a concert film on the Talking Heads. Weirdos. But I’m digging this.
  • I don’t even know where to begin or what to say when it comes to all the “discernment blog” brouhaha that has erupted in the last few weeks. There are some obvious conflicts that need to be addressed by the parties concerned (and probably not adjudicated by those of us in the peanut gallery), and there are cautions that passersby should heed regarding the behaviors displayed in this conflict. But what really gets me is the spin-off arguments and misunderstandings that have been popping up in the cloud of dust surrounding the conflict. It’s like everyone is trying to pick sides on side-arguments and forgetting that we are all on the same team. I don’t have any pearls of wisdom, other than this: internecine spats among the brothers are part of somebody’s plan, and he ain’t on our team. So we would do well to toss out his playbook and remember who we are.
  • Trump. Clinton. Johnson. Someone else. No one else. I don’t care who you are choosing–stop being a jerk to everyone else about it. And I’m saying that to myself too. Christians, we are totally botching this election when we become just as snarky and fear-mongering as the world is. We are acting as if we are not following a Lord who gave His peace to us and told us to love our enemies. We are acting like those who trust in horses and chariots instead of the name of the Lord our God. And you know how I know when I’m falling into that trap? When someone else’s choice of candidate makes me angry or derisive. Those reactions are a yuuuuge tell.
  • For what it’s worth: I’m actually looking at Darrell Castle and the Constitution Party this year. Not a perfect choice, and I don’t agree with all his positions, but he gets a lot of issues right that matter to me. So that will be my choice, if he can get on the ballot. Especially since Johnson is looking pretty awful on religious liberty issues, which will become THE big national discussion over the next 5-10 years.
  • Currently reading: David McCullough’s Wright Brothers biography (fascinating, but I’m having trouble making my way through it), Claudia Gray’s “Star Wars: Bloodline”, following Princess Leia as a senior senator in the New Republic–fun so far), Chesterton’s “Father Brown” stories, Bunyan’s spiritual autobiography “Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners.” 
  • On deck: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me,” Jared Wilson’s latest book, and possibly “Miss Peregrine’s…” by Ransom Riggs.
  • I’m thankful to go to a church that values expositional preaching, church discipline, covenant membership, and gospel-soaked community. What a blessing Baptist Church of the Redeemer is. 
  • And I’m thankful for a wife who takes care of me when I’m feeling weak or overwhelmed. She is patient and supportive, and she doesn’t ever tear me down with her words or actions. I am not deserving of a loving, godly woman like her. What a gift of Grace.

I think that’s enough for now. Y’all have a great weekend.


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