The4thDave’s Official 2016 ETL List!!!

Here we go!

  1. I love dad-jokes. The dad-jokier, the better. Especially puns. If I somehow had to stop making puns, I’d pretty much have to quit Twitter.
  2. Speaking of which: most of my tweets are embarrassingly silly. Whenever a legit-serious person (e.g. a seminary prof or pastor I respect) follows me on Twitter, I cringe a little. Not because there’s anything inappropriate or untoward on there. No, it’s the 17 hashtag jokes in a row, followed by the series of random GIFs I send to people. (I’m an actual adult, I promise…  Oh wait–is everyone making cow puns? I’m IN!)
  3. You want to see my eyes light up, and set me off on an endless stream of geeking out? It just takes 7 words: “So, why do you like Doctor Who?”
  4. Karaoke. I will karaoke like’a nobody’s business. I even have a typical “set list.”
  5. Still blogging after all these years. And while the tone of my blog writing has matured, I still geek out like I used to. (Evidence for the prosecution: that 2000-word piece I wrote on Batman v. Superman.)
  6. I am becoming a board game geek. I’m nowhere close to being a super-hardcore gamer yet (some of those guys frighten me), but all you have to say is “Euro-style strategy game” and I’m pulling a chair up to the table. (Our current favorite games: Catan [of course], Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Pandemic.) Let’s put it this way: one of my favorite Youtube channels is Wil Wheaton’s “Tabletop,” which features 90-minute videos of various entertainment and web personalities playing through board games. I find it fascinating.
  7. I love telling people about the 2016 Challies Reading Challenge, and my progress so far. (15/52 so far, so I’m falling a little behind at the moment. Currently working on a few, though.)
  8. Last year, I started writing book reviews for my blog, for the sole purpose of getting free books to review. Unfortunately, my habits of obtaining books faster than I can read them are catching up to me (I’m 5-6 reviews behind!).
  9. The only TV shows on broadcast television that I have watched consistently over the last 2 years have been Doctor Who and The Flash. And right now, I have to say I enjoyed The Flash a little bit more.
  10. For “date night” this week, my wife agreed to accompany me to see a children’s play about superheroes–which was hilarious. And then let me talk her into getting ice cream afterwards. She loves me.
  11. I am terrible at celebrity impressions, but I can’t help attempting them. My coworkers have sometimes made a game of seeing who can get me to do a “voice” first, without my realizing it.
  12. I’m a podcast junkie. I download more podcasts than I can feasibly listen to, but I keep finding interesting things I want  to try. That said, my favorite podcasts aren’t about theology or politics; they’re the ones about geek culture and Star Wars and comics.
  13. I overthink things like hashtags. Yesterday, I came up with not one but TWO official hashtags for ETL this year. #ETL2016 and #LameOn  And then realized that both of them are associated with other things. Then again, so is #EmbraceTheLame, but at least it’s more self-evident. So that’s what we’re going with. For now.

That’s all for now–but there may be updates throughout the day, so check back later. And if you posted your own list, let me know in the comments below!

The 2016 “Hall of Lame”!!!!


…and that’s about it, at the moment.


3 thoughts on “The4thDave’s Official 2016 ETL List!!!

  1. Good list… That actually sounds like a really fun date night! I would love to try karaoke sometime. And I’m a fan of this create your own holiday concept! (I posted my own ETL list, too!) =)

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