Putting on the ritz.

[Today, a little something in the vein of Mark Lamprecht‘s “What Would You Do” posts.]

This week’s Christian blogosphere kerfuffle:

Video is circulating of this year’s Christmas extravaganza from a globally-known megachurch, in which you see a Great-Gatsby style version of a traditional Christmas hymn, complete with flappers and big Broadway pizzazz.

The reaction of some quarters of the Christian blogosphere is shock and dismay, as the dancing and costuming are arguably inappropriate, and the style and production of this Christmas classic are arguably irreverent.

In response, people from the church in question responded that this production was part of a larger narrative demonstrating how inappropriate such a response to Christmas is–arguing that this production shows how someone wicked and worldly like King Herod would approach the Christmas season.  They argue that this video is taken out of its proper context, and thus, commentary upon it is unfounded and unfair.

Items for consideration/discussion:

  • The tendency of Christians online, and Christian bloggers in particular, to take things out of context or paint situations in the worst possible light; and whether this is consistent with the Biblical command to tell the truth.
  • The consideration of prudence, dignity, and chastity, in the writing and production of entertainments within the context of the Christian church; and whether the church context is the appropriate place for entertainment.
  • The appropriateness of big-budget Christmas extravaganzas in church ministry and outreach as a whole; consideration of whether or not “putting on a show” is the best way to communicate the Gospel in that context; and what the reasonable and justifiable limits would be for this form of outreach.


Want to weigh in on these questions? Comment below! (Please remember to be respectful and gracious in your comments.) 





2 thoughts on “Putting on the ritz.

  1. And I hasten to add: I have very dear friends who were involved in church Christmas productions this year that would rival Broadway as well. I’m not taking shots at all such endeavors. But I think it is wise and biblical to avoid assuming such things are appropriate just because we do them, and to consider the questions at hand.

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