Five* Podcasts I’m Really Enjoying Right Now

You may not realize this, but I’m a bit of a podcast addict. Before we moved closer to my job, I had about 3-4 hours of commute time each day, and I filled a lot of that time with either reading or podcasts. When I’m doing chores around the house, I’m usually have a small portable speaker or headphones connected to my iPod, and I’m catching up on the two dozen or so podcasts to which I subscribe.

However, some podcasts are must-listen for me–the ones I’ll listen to first, before I move on to the others. I wanted to share 5 of them with you. (Okay, more than 5, but several of them are part of the same network of shows, so I’m counting them as one.) These aren’t my top five favorite podcasts of all time, but they’re up there.

Here we go:

When We Understand the Text (WWUTT): This podcast (and Youtube channel) by Pastor Gabe Hughes is a great source of Biblical teaching and encouragement. Pastor Hughes teaches through the Scriptures exegetically, verse-by-verse, and with a clarity and discernment that benefits the hearers. He also answers listener and viewer questions about tricky theological issues, and does so in a manner that’s pastoral, intelligent, and direct. If you are looking for a good daily podcast for Biblical teaching, WWUTT is worth your time (especially since each episode is less than 30 minutes).

The Art of Manliness: Brett McKay’s website “The Art of Manliness” has been a great read for me over the last few years. Though some may hear the name and assume this is a macho, “bro” site that reeks of misogyny and cheap beer, AoM is actually a website that seeks to elevate the classical masculine virtues of strength, honor, and integrity. In short, AoM aims to help guys become gentlemen. The weekly podcast features interviews and discussions of wide-ranging topics, from Greco-Roman concepts of honor and wisdom to the best way to get a close shave and how to handle money and invest for the future. I think it’s worth checking out.

The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins: This weekly podcast by the author of The Art of Work explores the topics of creativity and productivity. Jeff Goins and Andy Traub provide insight and encouragment for writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. I’m really starting to tap into the writing life myself, so this podcast has given me lots of good ideas and encouragement, as has Jeff’s most recent book.

NPR’s Radiolab: Okay, this is my most mainstream choice on the list–but to be fair, I never claimed these were all undiscovered gems. Some of you may think Radiolab’s too mainstream, and others may think that it’s too liberal. Both groups may be right to some degree. But I really like interesting stories, and Radiolab delivers on the story front. It’s well-produced, well-researched, and fascinating content. If you like stories that are strange but true, Radiolab is your go-to. (And I like it even better than “This American Life.” There, I said it.)

The Goliverse network of podcasts: Okay, this is definitely a cheat, but I’ve saved my favorite for last. Number one with a bullet on my list of favorite podcasts is always going to be something produced by Steve Glosson, a beloved podcaster from small-town Georgia. Steve has got a big heart and an infectious laugh, and as a result he has developed a growing and loyal fanbase (though he would insist they’re listeners and friends, not fans). The flagship podcast is “Geek Out Loud,” with the tagline “Your safe place to geek out on the internet (for everything except Twilight and Star Trek).” Steve and friends cohost more than a half-dozen other podcasts that cover topics from pro wrestling to Disney movies to TV shows like “The Flash” and “Star Wars: Rebels.” Once in a while, when the show is broadcast live on Mixlr, there will be a call-in segment for listeners to interact with the topic at hand. Every time I listen to Steve and the gang, I feel like I’m hanging out with good buddies around a kitchen table, just talking about whatever. That makes the Goliverse family of podcasts my must-listen, no matter what else is going on. If you enjoy geeky fun and pop culture, these shows are for you.

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