WIARN, August 2015 Edition

[WIARN = “Where I Am Right Now,” for those of y’all who don’t read the TeamPyro blog–and if you don’t, you should.]

You know those things that you keep meaning to do, but never seem to get around to, and you just feel more and more guilty as a result? This blog is one of mine.

So here’s what’s gone on in the last few weeks:

  • A buddy of mine got married a couple of weeks ago, and I got the opportunity to DJ the wedding reception.  It’s a bit more difficult than you’d imagine.
  • My wife and I found a new place to live that will reduce my commuting time by as much as 2 hours a day. Our application has been accepted and we are waiting to get a copy of the lease to sign. It’s a lovely little house in a small subdivision where we are looking forward to putting down roots in for a little while. The move happens in the next few weeks, so pray for us as we pack up and transition to this new location.
  • My last day of teaching Sunday School is this Sunday. It will be mark 10 years and 1 month of ministry for me. I’m not sure the reality of this has hit my heart fully yet. I expect I will be a mess. My final text will be Matthew 7:24-29, on the wise and foolish builders. A good way to go out, I think.
  • The following week, we will be joining a new church that is closer to our new house.  I’m a little sad about leaving my current church home after 25 years, but I know that moving is the right decision for my family, and we have found another church that faithfully proclaims Christ, so we’re merely moving from one expression of Christ’s Church to another.
  • A friend in the ministry put a bug in my ear about a ministry opportunity down the road a ways that would require relocation and a major change of lifestyle. I’m weighing out what that would require, and I would really appreciate y’all’s prayers for wisdom in considering whether or not this opportunity will be the right opportunity for my family at that time.
  • I got to take part in the #ProtestPP event last Saturday. As I’ve said, I wanted to have some skin in the game, and that was a good way to start. But it’s not stopping there. More about this to come, I’m sure.
  • I’m wrestling with the question of whether boycotts are effective or not, or even whether it’s a true Gospel response to the world’s evils. Anyone have any thoughts about this? Bro. Coughlin?
  • Oddly enough, in the midst of all this tumult, I find myself really wanting to start writing fiction again. I have the bare-bones of a novel starting to come to the surface in my head. It could be terrible, but it also could be a lot of fun. Action-thriller-mystery. Possibly a series of stories. I have a few scraps of dialogue done as well. Maybe I’ll post some of that soon?

All of this to say, I’m going to be busy for the next few weeks. However, once I get settled in the new digs (and get home internet–yay!), I would like to return to a regular schedule. Plus, I’m way behind on all my book reviews, and I’m pretty sure I’m about to lose those privileges if I don’t start producing.

So check back here in a couple weeks, or subscribe to the feed through whatever means you normally use.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for sticking around. Y’all are good folks. I appreciate you.


3 thoughts on “WIARN, August 2015 Edition

  1. I got a mention! Yay!

    RE: Boycotts. You asked the right guy. I used to be a legalist about it. Had to have good correction. Here’s my opinion.

    1. Boycotts are excellent ways to communicate. But they don’t change hearts.
    2. It is IMO, a matter of conscience, most of the time.
    3. To be consistent…you’d probably have to boycott everything. Due to the impossibility of that, I think you have to pick and choose. Which is why you cannot enforce others follow the boycott.
    4. It can be a good conversation starter. “Dave – why don’t you shop at X?” “I’m glad you asked…etc”
    5. It can also detract from the Gospel when your answer is: “Because of this and this and this reason where you end up in a political argument and you never end up getting to explain the God of forgiveness.”
    6. There are rare cases where complete boycott may make sense. For example, would YOU go to Planned Parenthood for something actually healthcare related? What if it REALLY was the only thing in the area at the time? Not likely in the USA…but as a Christian, can you tell someone who lacks resources they have to travel to a faraway hospital that DOESN’T do abortions if their wife is in the midst of a medical emergency? I don’t know.
    7. I have often thought, every time I tip a gay waiter…am I supporting his lifestyle? In way, I am, right?

    But somehow I see separation between normal exchange of money/goods/services in a culture God created. So if I’m paying you to mow my lawn…and you use the money to exploit children…well…in a real sense that isn’t my fault. Although that extreme example may be a time you say…no, I don’t do business with that guy.

    But if I pay the kid down the street to help me move some heavy things and he uses the money to buy alcohol and condoms and he gets drunk and fornicates…is that really on my conscience? I don’t think so – but if you let it affect your conscience – that’s ok with me.

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