We are Family.

It was a wonderful anniversary weekend. Thanks, friends, for your congratulations and warm wishes. We had a great time hanging out with friends and loved ones, and eating way too much delicious food.

We also spent Sunday morning with a different church family than we normally do. The service was different than our home church in several ways, and it had a very different vibe, but it was an encouraging and edifying experience.

It served as a reminder to me that the various local expressions of Christ’s church are not combatants or competitors but rather family–each local body part of the worldwide Body. Just as the churches of the first century prayed for and supported each other, we can and should pray for and support other churches that are holding fast to the faith that was once delivered to the saints.

So, here’s a challenge for today:

Christian, the Scriptures teach us to pray for those who hold positions of authority and service in the Church. I trust that you are praying for your pastors/elders/deacons/teachers. If you are not so praying, I would urge you (by the example of Scripture) to do so. Speaking as a Sunday School teacher, we appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

But on top of that, I would encourage you to find another faithful church in your area–a church that teaches and lives out the Gospel faithfully–and pray for them as well. Pray for their pastors, their elders, their deacons, their teachers. Pray for their unity. Pray for their effectiveness in reaching lost people in their community with the Good News.  And then maybe send the pastor an email, just letting him know that you’re praying for the church he serves.

Happy Monday, family. God bless you.

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