Declaring Majesty on a Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

No, there was no Monday post. Sorry about that. I’m afraid this one will be a short one as well. This week is the confluence of a couple of big projects/deadlines for school; plus my wife is getting ready to go visit family out of state. So all of my energies have been directed toward spending time with my books and spending time with her.

On Friday, I hope to address a recently-reposted article by Aaron Armstrong about naming names when it comes to false teachers. Next Monday, I want to provide a quick write-up of a truly excellent book by Bruce Ware called “God’s Greater Glory.”

In the meantime, let me leave you with a stunning paragraph from the conclusion of that book–something to chew on (and respond to!) between now and Friday [emphases and bracketed clarifications are my own]:

This course of action [i.e. showcasing the majesty of God] is not optional for those granted the unspeakable privilege of possessing and passing on the Grand Deposit of the Faith once for all given to the saints (I Tim. 6:20; II Tim 1:14; Jude 3). We cannot hide behind the facade of “fair and objective presentation of various views” if the one view that alone is true and glorifying to Majesty is not rendered before others as fully and exclusively Majestic. Those of us who take our places behind pulpits and lecterns are not given the option in this case of noncombatant status. Our positions have given us marching orders from on high. And unless we yearn and seek to bring about a narrowing of the distance from Majesty [i.e. so we see God more clearly in all His brilliance], we will have Majesty to contend with. If the fear of men–or better, for many of us, the fear of the Academy–renders passive or passe the fear of God, the fear of men will be granted, and “Ichabod” will in time be written atop sermon manuscripts and scholarly works. 

(from “God’s Greater Glory” by Bruce Ware, p. 211)

(If I may be so bold, I’d add to that last line, “…and conferences and coalitions and denominations.” …But what do I know?)

Something to wrestle with and be challenged by. See you Friday.


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