#ArtOfWorkBook: Hear from Jeff Goins himself about how to discover your calling!

[This is the final post in a series inspired by Jeff Goins’ The Art of Work. Until March 23rd at 11:59PM, the book can be pre-ordered for only $6.99, the cost of shipping, and it comes with a ton of online bonuses. That’s less than 24 hours away, people–no time to waste!!! Check it out at www.artofworkbook.com.]


I was planning on doing a few more posts about The Art of Work, but I thought, “What better way to help the readers understand the book’s concepts than to let the author himself speak!”

Jeff has a fantastic weekly podcast called “The Portfolio Life” that addresses topics like creativity and calling. One of his recent episodes was about the seven stages of finding your calling, which he details in The Art of Work.

If you want to get a taste of his overall message in the book, this is a great way to do just that. The episode is less than 30 minutes long and gives you lots of great content to think about and apply to your own journey.

Here’s the post from Jeff’s blog with the links to the podcast episode. Check it out!


And I want to make one more quick appeal: if you or someone you know are wrestling with what to do with your life, Jeff Goins’ book The Art of Work is a great resource that gives practical steps for discovering and pursuing your calling. Until tonight at midnight, you can order the book and pay only the cost of shipping, plus you get a ton of online extras and bonus content. Go to www.artofworkbook.com and order yours today!

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