After These Messages (and Maybe a Nap), We’ll Be Right Back.

So I missed posting on Monday. Sorry about that.

Over the last 4 or 5 months, we’ve been shooting for a consistent Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule. But I kind of hit the wall this past weekend. There were too many demands, too many deadlines, and to be honest, I was just physically and mentally exhausted. And I’m running into the same problem this week. My schedule is swamped, and I’m just wiped out.

It’s been a recurring temptation in my life to say “yes” to too many things, and end up stretching myself so thin that I wear out and get sick. My energy bottoms out, my emotions run ragged, and my mind is focused on mere survival instead of pursuing what honors God. This is not who I want to be anymore—especially when it affects my incredibly patient wife who sometimes has had to pick up the slack for my lack of planning and eventual collapse.

So I’m posting this as both explanation and request for prayer. Work’s been particularly draining, school is ramping up, and my off-hours have been mostly spent with friends and family. Something needs to give, and that something, for this week, is the blog.

(For those of you who pray, I’d just ask you to remember me in your prayers, that God would give me rest and help me to be effective and obedient in what He’s given me to do. Thanks.)

I’ll be back next Monday (hopefully better rested) with new content. We’ll look at more ideas from Jeff Goins’ great book, The Art of Work, as well as one of the downsides of being “Captain Buzzkill.”

See you next week, friends!

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