All Together Now.

Yesterday morning, my church had an “all together” service, and it was really encouraging.

I am a member of what can only be described as a megachurch, with over 5000 in regular attendance at 3 campuses. Unlike many megachurches, we don’t use the typical multi-site “screen-pastor” approach of preaching or music delivered via video feed. Rather, each site has its own on-campus pastor preaching “live” every week, and each site has live music as well. Worship services are held in three spoken languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) as well as in American Sign Language. Over a dozen services are conducted every week, across the three campuses.

But yesterday, we were all together in one service, and it was great. Worship that shifted back and forth between English and Spanish, multilingual prayer (no heavenly tongues, and always interpreted, just in case some of you got nervous for a second), preaching in English and Spanish. And best of all, a clearly articulated and demonstrated commitment to be a church that reaches out to every part of our community with the Gospel of Jesus, in order to fulfill our Lord’s command to reach the nations with the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 4 says that we are one body, with one Spirit, one Father, one Lord. I saw that yesterday at church.

I don’t agree with everything my church does. Shoot, I sometimes get really frustrated with some of the teaching, or the music, or the decisions of the pastoral staff. But despite the things that I wish were different, I love my church. I’m thankful for my church. God has used this body mightily in my life.

The day will come when my wife and I will move on from Champion Forest, for one reason or another. But when we do, we will leave thanking God for how He has blessed us through this body.

So here’s my challenge to you: first, pray for your church–for your pastors, your elders, your deacons, your teachers. Pray for God to protect them, guide them, and mature them in truth and in love in the next year.

And second: comment below with your church’s name and something you love and are thankful about your church. Name names. Praise God for His kindness in connecting you to a body of believers.

2 thoughts on “All Together Now.

  1. Looks like I’m the only taker so far…I am a member and member of staff at Kaleo Church. We are about 100 people (if you include all the kids) and meet in a YMCA gym in southwest Houston. There’s a lot that frustrates me, but even more that I am utterly thankful for. Our pastors love Jesus deeply, they preach the Word of God, they are men who pray, they freely admit their weakness, and I have every assurance that they love us, the people they’ve been given charge of. I love that almost every person in our church serves in some way. I love that I can admit terrible things about myself and people still like me, and they will also kick my butt about it because they love me. I love that we have the kind of parties my unbelieving friends can come to and not feel weird, but they also see that we’re different.

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