Postponements and prayers.

Today’s pretty busy, unfortunately, so my previously-planned fun and frivolity (lists of awesome and terrible Christmas music!) will have to be postponed until Friday or next week.

Tomorrow/Friday, I will post a fleshed-out version of my notes from Sunday morning about how Christians can speak about race–no solutions, but some observations and reminders. I don’t presume to have any new or ground-breaking insights, and there are many who have already said better things than I can. But I’m going to share my thoughts about how Christians are treating each other right now, particularly on social media. I hope it’s helpful to you.

Today, I simply ask for your prayers.  For me, that I get done the mountain of work I need to do today.  And more importantly, for a friend and coworker named Lisa, who lost her mom last week. It’s hitting her and her family really hard right now. So please pray for their comfort, and for God to use this grief to draw them to Himself.

There’s a lot of hurt going on, and more often than not it goes unstated. So in the com-box today, feel free to share what’s going on, so we can pray for you.

Happy Wednesday, friends. Grace and peace to you.


2 thoughts on “Postponements and prayers.

  1. Dave, I’ve started reading this blog lately, and I love it. You have a way with words, and your “Six Months” post was really beautiful and encouraging (Congrats, by the way)! I also haven’t experienced a lot of relational conflict that gets resolved well, and I’m feeling strangely broken and alone lately, struggling to let go of someone who let go of me a long time ago, so prayers would be much appreciated. Thanks, and thanks for writing! ~Lindsey

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