#ThankfulThursday (Part 1)

  1. While I was still a sinner, Christ died for me. The God of the universe predestined me for redemption, sought me, wooed me, and saved me, giving me a new heart, new spirit, new desires, new life, and a new future.
  2. The Bible, the inerrant and infallible word of God, fully revealing all I need to know of God and providing everything i need for growth in holiness and spiritual maturity.
  3. The Church, a second family of redeemed sinners whom I can love and serve.
  4. My physical family. Two parents, still in love, still married after all these years. Two sisters, each very different but both fantastic. A future brother-in-law who is incredibly gentle and giving. Assorted extended relatives, who have all contributed to make me who I am.
  5. My amazing wife. Words completely fail as I try to explain how much I love and rely upon this noble woman. She’s covered from crown to toe in Proverbs 31. Wise, gentle, kind, generous, encouraging. I cannot even remember how I functioned without her. She is the second greatest blessing of my life.
  6. I have a good job, where i’m well-compensated doing work for which I have the skills and education. I work with a group of people who, despite the occasional conflicts, are as close to a family as I ever expect to find in a workplace.
  7. I have the privilege of serving a group of young singles at my church. I have been a Sunday school teacher for 9+ years, and God has grown me much in this role.
  8. I am literate. I need to remember that words aren’t my birthright, any more than sunshine and oxygen are my due. All these are gifts. I’m thankful that I was given the opportunities of education and intellectual growth. Books are a particular joy of mine. I’m thankful for this.
  9. God has always provided for my material needs. And He always will.
  10. I’m a seminary student. I live in a context where I can receive a Christian- ministry education online, without fear of (flesh and blood) opposition.
  11. I have a dog now. I’ve wanted a dog for years, and now I have one. And she’s a beaut.
  12. I can write my thoughts online, and people actually read them. Thank you!
  13. Music. Think about it. Music didn’t have to be created. It isn’t necessary for human survival. But God made it, for His glory and our joy. That is crazy cool.
  14. Same with color. And flavor.
  15. My body is functioning with little problems. I can walk, move my limbs, speak, think, hear, see, and so many other things, without problem. And though I may one day lose these abilities for the rest of my natural life, for now, I will be thankful.
  16. The cooler temperatures of autumn and winter are finally taking hold here in the American southland. I love cooler weather. Probably because we don’t get much here.
  17. I enjoy watching sports. Not as much as I used to, but it’s still a fun diversion for me. And I must recognize that it’s a gift, and dare not overlook the Giver.
  18. Coffee. Mmmmmm.
  19. Praying with my wife last night after dinner. Getting to pray over her, and hearing her pray over me. Such a blessing to my heart.
  20. The privilege of meeting with a group of young men tonight as we seek to serve God and grow together.
  21. My wife made this pumpkin bake thing for breakfast today. And it it was good. The reason it was good was that she put chocolate chips in it, not because the recipe called for it but because chocolate chips are a blessing.
  22. I have a bit of pocket money in my wallet. Hardly any, by my current culture’s standard; but in terms of the world, I’m a wealthy man. I can’t forget this.
  23. I am loved. And I feel loved.
  24. I have the desire to write, again.
  25. I’m getting healthier, day by day. And I have hope that I will reach my goals in the next few years. That’s exciting for me.

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