Who We Are Instead.

I’m becoming a bit of a productivity podcast junkie. I have been devouring the backlog of Michael Hyatt and Erik Fisher in particular. One of the ideas that both guys and their guests have discussed is that when you are creating a blog, you need to have a focus: a mission statement that guides your content.

As we have been slowly reviving this site (in fits and starts, admittedly), this is something we haven’t really addressed. What is the blog’s identity? What are we about?

SO, at this point, it’s high time we got specific.

The 4thDaveBlog’s focus/theme/motto/mission: Thinking about life, marriage, ministry, and story, to the glory of God.

I think that sums up nicely what I want to do here. I’m going to talk about current events or ideas, my experiences as a (newly) married man, observations about church life, and the power of story–all with an eye to the glory of God, revealed in all these things.

I haven’t talked to Web about it yet, but I’m sure he would agree. Shoot, his posts are more consistent to this theme than mine are.

So there you go. This is the direction we will seek to pursue. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, we will miss you.  Feel free to come back and visit anytime.

As for the rest of you, thanks for joining us on this road. I look forward to what’s in store.

Your turn:  What topics (along these themes) would you like us to talk about in upcoming posts?

One thought on “Who We Are Instead.

  1. So long as you sail the vast oceans of orthodoxy, I’ll be your first mate.
    It’s your ship, cap’n.
    {Belated National Pirate Day reference}

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