Tuesday Top-Five (Times Two!): Tempting Treats and Tasty Tidbits

My wife and I are about a month into a new eating plan. It’s kind of a modified Paleo-ish thing… Point is, we stay away from refined flour and sugar in all its sundry forms, and things like white potatoes, etc., for 5 days out of seven. We get to have these items on Fridays (because that’s usually Date Night) and either Saturday OR Sunday (not both).

Things have been difficult, but the results are good. This new approach to food, combined with exercise, has resulted in both of us losing weight in the last two months.

That being said, I still find I’m regularly tempted to cheat and eat or drink something on the restricted list during the week. So to bring my snack temptations out into the open, here’s my current Top-Five Tempting Treats:

  1. Dr. Pepper. I love Dr. Pepper, y’all. (I am a Texan.) Some call it the “nectar of the gods.” Some call it “Baptist beer.” I call it my biggest food-based weakness. Oh, Doctor–your soda’s like bad medicine, and bad medicine is what i need.
  2. Pop-tarts. Why are they so good? They should be terrible, and yet there’s some kind of voodoo magic that makes them amazing. Even when they’re bad, they’re amazing.
  3. Biscuits. Warm, fluffy, straight-from-the-oven goodness. Oh, biscuits, get in my belly. You can be from Chick-fil-A, Whataburger–heck, even nasty ol’ McDonalds. Crumbly, crusty, steamy biscuits. My, aren’t they tasty.
  4. Sweets in the break room. Cookies. Cake. Pie. Leftover from weekly meetings and group lunches, or sent over by kind-hearted departments as appreciation for what we do in my office. It’s becoming a regular event for there to be some sort of sweet treat available. And when you’re one of the last people in the office, it calls your name.
  5. Peanut butter. Apparently, peanuts (which are “legumes”) aren’t part of the Paleo diet. Man, cavemen must have been depressed. (Until they died in the Flood–BOOM! Young-Earth-Creationist’d!)  So even the “healthy” snack of apples dipped in good ol’ PB is off-limits Monday-through-Thursday. Driving home Sunday night, I said to my wife, “You know what I miss? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on soft bread. How messed up is that?”

But that’s not all I’ve discovered in the last three months. I’ve also found that I’m beginning to like some healthy food as well. Thanks to the genius culinary skill of my wife, I’m discovering all sorts of delicious food combinations and ingredients. So, to keep this post well-balanced, here are my Top-Five Tasty (and healthy!) Tidbits:

  1. Quinoa. Pronounced “keen-wah” (not “queen-o”), it’s become a favorite around our house. It’s amazingly nutritious, and quite tasty. We rock some stuffed peppers for dinner sometimes, filling the pepper with a mixture of quinoa, chicken, onion, and other veggies. Super tasty. If you haven’t tried quinoa, you should check it out. Good stuff.
  2. Zucchini. Did you know, zucchini can be shaved into long strands and used as “spaghetti”? True story. And tasty. I never ate zucchini before, because it looked too much like the vile and poisonous cucumber. But it’s become a staple in my diet.
  3. Curry. I’ve slowly become more experienced with Indian cuisine in recent years, but the more I eat curry, the more I dig it. I’m not often big into really spicy foods that don’t include jalapeno, but I’m definitely on board with this curry business.
  4. Hummus. Okay, okay, technically not part of the Paleo diet, but we’re making allowances from some things, like hummus (and brown rice in moderation).  Seriously though–hummus? More like YUMMUS. (Dip it to my thummus!)
  5. So. Many. Vegetables. For years, I was a meat eater. My plate was all like “MEEEEEEEEEAT, CAAAAAAAAARBS, and a wee little bit of veggies.” But now? Man oh man. It’s just the opposite. All kinds of crazy veggies. And for the most part, I’m on board. (I still hate kale. Hate it. But we’re working through that.)

Don’t get me wrong, we still get some good stuff. Bacon. Ribs. Steak.  Lesser animal flesh. (Okay, more often than not, it’s chicken or fish.) The point is, these changes? They’re worth it. My cholesterol is for the most part going way down. I’m more than 30 pounds lighter. Things are happening, man. I’m digging this.

Doesn’t mean I don’t crave a DP every day, still. But it’s okay. This water, it’s, uh, just as good. Sure it is. Sure.



What are your favorite tasty temptations? What about your favorite healthy snacks? Suggestions? Questions? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Top-Five (Times Two!): Tempting Treats and Tasty Tidbits

  1. In a word: Bread. Any type of bread. I’ll eat a whole loaf of french bread if you leave me alone with it.
    And anything coconut. I’ve even eaten an entire bag of coconut flakes. Don’t judge me.

  2. Oooh man…. I get Dr. Pepper. And honestly, I’ve learned I can even mostly leave it….unless it has ice. Especially good, shaved or smaller chunks of ice. Then I’m doomed.
    Honestly, one of the first healthy things I tried that seriously won me over and made me think “wow, I can do this, healthy living can taste pretty awesome” was mixing up plain greek yogurt, fresh peaches, sliced almonds and a little bit of honey just to sweeten it. I’m not sure what all is available on the Paleo diet, but that’s still my favorite. Yum.
    Congrats on your accomplishments so far, Dave! I’m so glad to hear it!

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