Web’s Wednesday Wisdom: A Prayer Request

[“Web’s Wednesday Wisdom” is a regular feature here at the 4thDaveBlog. You can follow Webster Hunt on Twitter at “@livingheart.”]

All I have this week is a prayer request for Sheena and I.

1) Pray for Sheena’s countenance as she continues to deal with the effects of her illness. We’re getting to a stage in this where we’ll have to choose things that will have a long-standing effect on how we deal with her illness from here on out, and it is becoming easier to lose heart.

2) Pray for me. I find plenty of place to try and justify myself when I sin, citing this and that struggle and loss as a reason for my actions, but because Jesus is Who He is, and His Holy Spirit is Who He is, and God the Father is Who He is, the only thing I do is stack sin upon sin.

I know that most of you don’t know us personally, and like I’ve said before, my primary audience is my own local church Body. But for those of you in Christ whom I have not met, and likely will not meet till He comes and brings an end to all these present things, please bring us before our Lord and Father.  



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