I’m in the process of planning my honeymoon. (Don’t freak out, this is going to be a family-friendly post. Of course.) If you don’t know exactly where you want to go/stay, it’s a bit of a bewildering process. Lots of details, lots of steps. It’s a fun process, but man oh man. So many choices.

(I’m keeping my beloved in the dark about the location, so I’m not going to tell you, either. Sorry, gang.)

After weeks of online searching, I finally found a place I really liked. Good location, pretty good price point, and, most importantly, a place where I think my bride would be very pleased to spend a week of vacation.

Then I started looking again. Because I’m the type of guy who’s worried that an even better option is just a few web-searches away. I now have a new front-runner–a little more expensive than the first, but MUCH nicer, so it’s a better value in the end.  So, after finding the perfect location, do I finally settle on that one and put down a deposit?

No. I’m still looking. I even have a few friends helping in the search for just the right location.

And this is a ridiculous process. Why? Because ultimately, it won’t matter.  The perfect restaurants, the best view, the most interesting local attractions–they’re all great, and we’ll have a great time with them.  But the point of my honeymoon is going to be spending time enjoying life with my bride. The rest of the stuff is just bonus.

But I forget that. I focus on the locations, and the available amenities, and I miss the very person who is the point. Which is how I approach the idea of heaven, too.

Do you ever wonder about heaven? What it will be like? What we’ll do for all eternity? Lots of people do. That’s the reason there’s such a market for (questionable at best, heretical at worst) books retelling people’s journeys to heaven. (Good luck finding a verified review of heaven on TripAdvisor.)

While the Bible does give us some details that may or may not be symbolic regarding the nature of life in heaven, the Bible is very clear about Who will be there.  We who have been redeemed, who have had our sins washed away, our rebellion forgiven by our gracious God–we who have called upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation–we’ll be there with our Bridegroom, the conquering King, the Lamb who was slain and yet is victorious, the Rider on the White Horse, the Faithful and True.

The amenities may be pretty nice…but will they matter? Really?

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