Let’s begin.

First of all: hello again. I feel like this is a scene I keep replaying, lines I keep repeating, the resumption of a journey that I’ve stopped and started over the last 12 years.  But I find myself drawn inexplicably to the notion that I need to start writing–not necessarily that anyone needs to read what i write, but that I need to write what I need to write. And along the way, if it benefits you, Gentle Reader–so much the better.

My goal: Starting February 3, my goal is to post on Mondays and Fridays, every week, consistently. The discipline of regular writing will be good for me. I may throw in some mid-week or weekend extras once the mojo gets going, but for now, let’s set our expectations lower. Leave room to impress.

Content: Still not sure exactly how this blog will shape up. I don’t expect it will be as pop culture-y as the original one was, though I may comment. I’ll write about what I’m reading, what I’m studying. My faith. My upcoming marriage in June. It may not all be of interest to you, but hopefully you’ll find something useful. 

So welcome back, reader. (Or hello, new reader.) Thanks for giving me an audience again.



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